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One Family. One Dream

Humble Beginnings

Our dedicated support team is here to give you that helping hand, whenever you need.

In 2013, he started the business with one truck and one reefer trailer. While he was burning rubber on the road, his family members were trying to book as many loads as possible.

Sukhwinder Singh,

Who We Are ?

Gursimran Transport LLC is in the transportation industry for around 8+ years. Our knowledge and expertise in the industry sustain our successful transporting business, making us one of the best freight companies in the U.A.E. We own a diverse range and varying capacities of low bed Trailers, step deck trailers, extendable trailers, tautliners, Cargo Trucks, Freezer Trucks, Tipper Trucks, and pickups from 1 Ton to 10 Tons. Gursimran Transport LLC is dedicated to offering secure and reliable freight services to its customers while being competitive within the industry and other freight companies.
An essential aspect of the transport industry is compliance with regulations set by the U.A.E. government. Consequently, we possess extensive up-to-date knowledge of road laws and travel restrictions. Gursimran Transport LLC utilizes the freight services of their transport operator employees and sub-contractor transport operators, most of which operate under their company structure.

Our Future Projections

Under the visionary leadership of its Founder & CEO, Mr. Sukhwinder Singh, Gursimran Transport LLC has reached great heights of accomplishments through its stringent quality policies and practices and innovative business concepts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quick and hassle-free service to all clients, whether the contract is small or Big, without comprising the on-time delivery.

Sukhwinder Singh,


With 12 terminals, a fleet of trucks, and all of the west coast to provide for, Gursimran Transport LLC continues to be a high-quality, safe, and hard-working transportation provider.

Today, Sukhwinder continues to work towards putting safety first. They consistently focus on providing efficient operations, minimizing costs, and always “delivering excellence” for their customers.

Gursimran Transport

We seek to make a difference today, for the people of tomorrow. We’ve been committed to delivering progress to society. And as the world around us changes, that commitment stays the same.

We are the partner that empowers your bold promises, by designing solutions that address ever-changing consumer demands.

Excellence is our Fuel.

We believe in contributing to the world around us and thus being a part of something greater. As a logistics partner, we see ourselves as part of the big picture, bringing people and communities all over the world closer together. That is why we dedicate our time to ensuring that people all over the world have access to what powers their businesses and lives, from technical components, medication and perishables to urgent spare parts for an aircraft.